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Q: Where is everybody? Where has everybody gone? A: Arby's 5 for 5 Roast Beef Sale

Ok, lemme tell you about a little item called a redbox.

See reboxes are actually Radio Shack Tone dialers... the best model being the 43-146. Basically a tone dialer emulates the sounds that are created by a touch tone telephone. They were intended to be used by people who had rotary phones so they could dial out without having to swing that circle around over and over again. Well in the early nineties some bastard hax0r figured out that you could remove the crystal inside the tone dialer that made the touch tones and replace with a 6.55mhz crystal. Now see this is where it gets interesting because the 6.55mhz frequency is the same tone used by the telephone company when you insert change into a payphone. So basically you could program your tone dialer to emulate the sound of quarters entering a payphone by holding the speaker up to the phone when it asks you to desposit money. Yeah, so a couple of years ago Radio Shack decided to remove the tone dialer from their stores in the late nineties because nobody really had rotary phones anymore. I heard about that and ran out and bought an assload of 'em from radio shacks all over the city. I mean I traveled far and wide to get these fuckin things. Now I've had em for years and never bothered messing with them or even taking them out of their packages. I finally decided to sell them on Ebay to fund my vacation hoping that some bastard will remember how handy they are and pick one up. Check out the auction if you wanna see what one looks like. They are actually pretty cool little gadgets.

Bah, I need money. I've got a vacation coming up in a week and no cash. This is really going to suck if I don't have money to gamble/drink with. If anyone can think of ways to get cash quick that don't require selling drugs or prostituion please let me know.

Banging Ruskies? tsk. tsk.
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