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I do NOT hate all Canadians.

I recently become aware of information that quite frankly made me very sad. While talking to a friendly (Non-french) Cannuck, she informed me of a group of deviants in the greater Seattle area who throw peanuts at unarmed Canadians. I post this message because quite frankly I am against it. I am against the throwing of any peanut, legume, or seed that is aimed at anybody in malice.

I hope you take this to heart.
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Commie moose lover.
I've never once been affiliated with the communist moose party! Quite frankly I detest the implication!

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I've been reding about yer school stresses lately. I'm totally feeling that. I've been writing papers, and whipping up presentations, and studying for exams all week. I'm uber stress and I think the only thing that could upll me out of this funk is one of your nifty decorated coifs for the low, low price of just $20.00 and a nominal shipping charge! I was thinking, as a marketing ploy shouldn't you say something like "$19.99 for decorated coifs (plus s&h)" See, if you throw in that whole $19.99 deal people will rsuh to get in line. Fuck I need to goto sleep, I got a paper due tomorrow and I'm only like 5/6ths done. Meth time!

Deleted comment

Shipping is included? What a fabulous deal! I must have the toll free number from which I may order these fine wares!
I have no real input of worth on this matter being as I'm neutral on the peanut issue. However, if they were chucking cashews, I'd be appalled.

On a side note, your personal pic rules me as Bug Eyed Earl also rules me.
Anyone throwing cashews should obviously be imprisoned. The cashew is far too delicious of a nut to be throw by vagrants. I will keep you posted in the event that these events escalate.
damn straight, down with peanuts!