Of, relating to, or affected by psychosis (auxillarypriest) wrote,
Of, relating to, or affected by psychosis

Could anyone possibly care?

Ok. It has only been four years since my last post. Why? Because I can. Let me summarize: Finished college, moved to Portland, got engaged, traveled Europe, moved to Scotland, moved back to the states, got un-engaged, and now I'm moving back to Portland. See how easy life is to summarize? One run on sentence later and everyone is caught up with my amazing adventures!

I am sitting here now at my keyboard and I have completely no idea what to type. How sad! Four years and I can't put together more than a few sentences. Maybe I should go get a hobby and then come on here and write about it and how amazing and exciting my life is. I'm really not even sure why I'm writing this in the first place, especially considering that there are probably only a handful of people who will give a fuck that I posted anyways. Word.
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