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Vacation Part 1: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

Day 1: So we pile into my car, which I will refer to from this point on as "the death trap" and my room mate Jesse and I hit it down towards campus to pick up my bastard brother. He had been calling me all afternoon and bothering me by asking when I was "finally going to leave." Well I left my house at approximately 3pm and got to his door at about 3:11 cause I'm mad speedy. He got in, we put some Zeppelin in the ol' cd player and off we head through the ghetto and towards the freeway.

After safe passage was made to the on ramp I came to the realization that I was going to have to pull through some wicked ass traffic jams. My brother's on-ramp is less than 3 miles from the highway I needed to get to, the I94, but still it took nearly 45 minutes to make it there. I'm kind of concerned about this fact because since my water pump hardly works the only thing that keeps my engine cool is the wind while the car is moving. So basically my car is near the borderline of overheation when the traffic finally lets up and we can hit the open road. By this time we are cruising at a pretty good clip and we're about 60 miles into our 150 mile trip when my car starts making some evil stuttering and klunking sounds. I pulled off the highway and into some truck stop and I decided that my car should cool down and all that jazz.

We let it sit for about a half hour while we smoke crack and eat slim jims. Finally, I go back out side only to see a decent sized puddle of oil under the left side of my car, and a good sized pool of coolant under the right. I'm pretty much freaking out at this point but I'm not giving up. I decided I was gonna beat that car until it either made it where I wanted it to go or until it died a horrible smoking death on the side of the road. I figured it would most likely be the latter. Well about a dozen check engine lights later I pulled into my parking spot at my condo. I was pretty tense so we went out to dinner and drank 190 proof vodka until I passed out in my own vomit... or maybe it was someone else's.

Hmm, were you aware that I say "button" and "kitten" funny? Just thought you should know.
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