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I'm going on vacation. Everyone is invited! EXCEPT YOU!

yeah, so I'm getting ready to go on vacation which I am calling the drunk/gambling tour 2003 and my room mate and I decided to drink first. We devised this great drinking game called "who will pass out first." Basically you take a sleeping pill every 30 minutes and match each other on shots. So now we're about 10 shots and 3 sleeping pills in...really you've got to try this.

Ok, so I'm going on vacation and I don't want you to use this information to rob my house when I'm gone cause I know where you fucking live. Anyways I'm glad to be getting out of the city for a while but there are a lot of things that I will miss, but hey what can you do. I will trade my usual nights of going to bars and doing tequilla shots off of coeds to doing body shots off of lifeguards. We all have our own cross to bare. Wow, anyways so see you people in a week. Don't do drugs and if you do please don't rob my house for money to support your addiction. Once again... I know where you live mother fucker.

There is/was an internet cafe down the road from where I'll be staying so I don't want you people getting cocky and start talking shit about me while I'm gone. I will be watching. w00t. yeah.
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