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Wow another Matrix post!

Yeah so I went and saw the Matrix this morning after an extremely drunken night and 4 hours of sleep. Everyone was telling it was better than the first...it wasn't. It was good in its own right but hey, i'll let you make the decision.

I liked the movie, I thought it was good in its own right but it wasn't the matrix one. There was alot more action, with a helluva lot more bad cgi (especially the scene where Neo takes on the 100 agent Smiths.) I'd like to watch it again before I make my final verdict but I'm guessing the 3rd part will rock extremly hard. I thought that there was too many fight scenes that weren't needed, there was a ridiculously stupid love scene that wasn't needed, and there were too many characters including, did I see this right, Roy Jones Junior? Anyways, like I said I'll check it out again so I can understand the ending a little better, as I said I was half hungover and very, very slepy but I think it will standalone on its own pretty well, but it will never be the cult masterpiece that the first was.

Ok, I've decided what I wanna be when I grow up. I'd like to be Dr. Drew Pinksy formerly from MTV's Loveline and currently host of a radio show of the same name.

Dr.Drew always has the answers. He seems like a swell guy, he makes good money, he knows a lot about sex, and he's very even tempered. Mrs. Pinksy is a very happy woman I'm sure. Dr. Drew probably goes around in the morning solving all of the family problems and makes his kid's lunches before whisking himself off to work.
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