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You're the flowers in the house when my allergies come out.

Yeah, so I was roused at the crack of dawn, also known to this reporter as 2pm. Apparently my mother wanted to take me to some "heaven for women" place called Michael's Art and Crafts. w00t. This place is crawling with the kind of art and crafts chicks I don't like. Plus it always smells too good...even in the section where they sell chemicals it smells like gardenias. Yeah, so basically mother told me that I couldn't have all this artwork without having frames that suit them in elegance. So there I was in arts n' crafts land...the lone alpha male amongst the pack of acrylic paint hungry female wolves and I think I ended up becoming very in touch with my feminine side.

On another note, why is a 22 year old still carded for cigarettes? This beautiful, youthful face is a curse I tell you!

My room hasn't been cleaned in over a year. I'm seriously thinking about hitting the grindstone. Of course it will take nearly a year to clean it but still...

Also, I've got roughly 10 gigs of music but I'm getting sick of alot of it. If anyone likes 0-day "indie" rock or shit up that vein gimme the name of some songs or artists.

ooh my first LJ cut.. I feel so k-rad.
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