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Ever been to Saskatoon?

Welp, just finished watching Equilbrium while I should have been writing my top secret Sociology paper about drugs. My professor asked us to make a presentation and include a 2-3 page paper that goes into greater depth on the subject... I'm now on page seven. I'm fucking stupid, I'm gonna get a lower grade for writing too long of a paper. Nothing worse than geting penalized for being a super pimp. Of course it's the story of my life. Nobody appreciates a super-pimp anymore.

Anyways, Equilibrium was pretty kick ass in a 1984/Matrix type of way. Wow, so as I'm writing this post I goto imdb.com to check out what the release date was for this movie and the first user comment on the page says "The Matrix meets 1984 should be another name for this stylish, imaginative action movie." So now I'm the fucking copycat! I can't win today.

i wish i always knew what she was thinking.
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