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dumb dumb dumb dumb

I was reading this article and it really disturbed me. If you don't feel like reading it I'll give a quick synopsis.

This kid went and did enough prescription drugs to kill a village while on his webcam and ended up dying live on the internet. While this was going on his friends were on irc egging him on and telling him he was "hardcore." After reading the article I was able to pull up actual transcripts from their chat logs. This is some sick and chilling shit. It reads like a script to a bad mocumentary ala Blair Witch or Fubar. His ingestion list reads as follows:

Klonopin, Methadone, Restoril and Inderal, along with marijuana and 151-proof rum

An argument picks up amongst the chatters, some in awe of his accomplishment and others who appeared to be extremely worried for his health. One person calls poison control who informs them that if he actually ingested that amount of intoxicants he should get to a hospital or he will certainly die. Towards the end of the chat logs one concerned reader actually calls 911 to try and get him help but is chastised by a fellow chatter which leads him to hang up. The guy who took the drugs, Brandon Vedas, even gave his cell phone number to the other chatters in case anything was to go wrong. Here are some excerpts from the conversation (time stamps included)

[ 02:50:44 ] [ grphish ] its sad to see you die like this

[ 02:50:50 ] [ ripper ] I told u I was hardcore (Brandon Vedas)

Someone tells him he should throw up in hopes that he won't OD and some genius says:

[ 02:51:55 ] [ %Pnutbot ] purge is not needed

This guy gets on the phone with him and then says

02:57:33 ] [ Smoke2k ] i am trying to talk him into dancing for us

[ 02:57:57 ] [ Smoke2k ] he fuckin won't respond
[ 02:58:02 ] [ Smoke2k ] what the fuck

[ 03:03:07 ] [ hast ] 3.4g methadone
[ 03:03:11 ] [ hast ] is enough to kill kurt cobain

[ 03:21:05 ] [ Smoke2k ] good
[ 03:21:16 ] [ Smoke2k ] that dumb fuck is going to die

[ 03:24:46 ] [ Oea ] i am on line with 911
[ 03:24:49 ] [ Oea ] is this the right choice?
[ 03:24:52 ] [ theKat ] NO

[ 03:25:45 ] [ Oea ] 360mg is a LETHAL OVERDOSE
[ 03:25:51 ] [ Oea ] just so you know

Fucking brilliant people. All around, brilliant people.
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