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yer privates smell funny

In every life there comes a time when you must question reality. A time when you must note the points in your life which bring about change. This is not one those times.

My friend Sabrina has the nasty habit of going to the bathroom while I'm on the phone with her. This all started a few months back when she informed she was using the facilities while we were in the midst of a conversation. Eventually I found the need to fight fire with fire and started giving her a taste of her own medicine. Now I find myself calling her nearly everytime nature calls. Tomorrow I really wanna give her a show so I devised an evil plot. Tonight I'm gonna drink 2 gallons of water before I goto sleep and call her as soon as she gets out of her classes with the loudest fit of morning urination that she has ever heard. Now to the average bystander this may appear sick and disgusting...it is. Quite frankly I don't care.

Please feel free to mock and degrade me for my sick practices.
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